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Alex Encinia and RogueComedy – Growing the Comedy Scene in the Brazos Valley

To anyone just noticing the rising local comedy scene, it may seem like it’s all happened overnight.  But the reality is, it’s been a slow gradual process for a good while.  A process built upon a solid foundation with clear goals and objectives.  Alex Encinia started with just one open mic at 5 knocks Speakeasy in 2018.  At the time, the troupe had only five local comics. They were determined to not only be successful in their location, but to expand into new areas.

  And expand they did.  Soon the Rogue Comedy Troup had shows and performances in multiple venues throughout the Brazos Valley.   Although he was still booking mostly local acts, Alex was able to grow the troup and grow out of the 5 Knocks location and make a home in the newly renovated 3rd Floor Cantina Night Club.

Things were finally starting to take off when Covid struck in 2020.  The pandemic posed many logistical and social challenges, but there was still a strong need for people to escape, and be entertained, and laugh. Understanding this, Alex Encinia and RogueComedy did not shut down but persisted.  Soon the group started getting attention in Austin and Houston for the quality of their shows.  After working with out-of-town comics, word began spreading and they started attracting the attention of professional touring comedians. Alex saw this as an opportunity to take the next step. RogueComedy now has weekly shows with comics coming from all over to play their rooms.  The group also has a wide range of  variety shows (RogueComedy wedding, Roasts, Confession) pushing the creativity of its comics and visitors alike. 

Professional comedians coming through Texas now seek out RogueComedy, 3rd floor, and 5 Knocks for performances.  To date, they have hosted more than a dozen professional touring comedians, including a sold out weekend with Mark Normand (Netflix, jre, the tonight show) and have shows/special events booked all the way through 2022.  

“I have to say that was amazing! I’ve done a million gigs and you guys went above and beyond, and it didn’t go unnoticed. I’ve never had such an attentive staff. Really impressive stuff. The shows were great and you guys killed it! Three amazing shows without a hiccup. That was top shelf producing. I’ll spread the word baby!!!

Mark Normand

Next month, comedy legend Eddie Pepitone and local celebrity JT Habersaat will come to town for a special one night event Nov 10.

“We have no plans on slowing down, we are eager to keep expanding, but only with shows that meet RogueComedy standards and prop up the respect we hold for stand up and what a “professional” show should be.”  
Plans are currently in the works to bring RogueComedy shows to Chicago starting as early as November 1st.

You can catch Alex and RogueComedy every Wednesday night at 8PM at The 3rd Floor Cantina in Historic Downtown Bryan.
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