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Cody Hibbard

23sep11:00 pmCody Hibbardat Stampede College Station

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Cody Hibbard

Good luck keeping up with Cody Hibbard. The Adair, Oklahoma native grew up running and working on the family farm with dreams that spread across the horizon.
Music was always a love for Cody but wouldn’t be the passion until well after high school. Cody attended the United States Naval Academy where injuries would bring him to a different part of his life, Pipelining.
Working consistently and constantly running the roads brought new light to the small-town kid, which would lead him to picking up a guitar around the campgrounds and start finding the love to sing around his fellow blue-collar workers.
In the Spring of 2019, Cody stopped off to eat with some friends on the way to another pipeline job. Their waiter stopped Cody from ordering with a very common phrase to him, “you don’t sound how you look.” One friend would reply, “you think that’s weird, you ought to hear him sing.” One thing led to another, a guitar was broke out, and Cody was asked to come back and start singing bar gigs.
He found a deep love for writing music soon after and recorded his first single, Half Whiskey, Half Lonely at Rosewood Studios, which dropped September 2019.
Cody would release his first EP, Memory and a Dirt Road in January of 2020 which has garnished millions of streams followed by his hit singles Ice Cold Therapy, Armed and Dangerous, and The Truth in the summer of 2020. In October 2021, Cody would drop his self-titled EP which has helped him put together a strenuous touring schedule.
Starting a music career is not easy and it sure isn’t easy to start one during a pandemic, but Cody and his team have been able to put out the music they want to put out, the way they want to, and find success doing so. At the end of the day, Cody just wants to continue to run and prove that dreams are fueled by hard work and drive.

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